Studio Imagen is a Premium Web Design Company. They quickly and professionally worked with us to build the exact website we were looking for. Highly Recommended!!

Bob Kawamura

Professional design services for advertising and promoting your business.

Do I have to host with Studio Imagen?

Do I have ownership to my site?

I can get a web site for under $100 custom designed for me, should I do it?

I can save $10 per month by getting a free web site

I bought web design software that I can create my own site, why do I need a professional?

My friend or relative said he/she will do it for me for free, why do I need a professional?

"I can get a web site for under $100 custom designed for me, should I do it?"

  • Make sure your webmaster will be there when you need updates.

  • Make sure your site belongs to you and not the web designer.

  • You should have access to your Domain Name Control Panel.

  • Get a complete back up of your website.

  • Make certain that you are not forced into hosting with the company that created your site in case problems should arise.

  • Make sure your site is created using professional html and will work on other servers in case you do need to go elsewhere.

  • You will want to make sure that the website is professional programmed.

  • Look for testimonials, or ask previous clients of their experience with the company or designer.
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